OWI/DUI Defense That Protects Your Rights

If you were pulled over in traffic by law enforcement for suspicion of drunk driving in western Iowa or eastern Nebraska, and you are understandably worried about driving privileges that may be at risk, you should know this — all is not lost. Whether your OWI/DUI arrest is your first or your third, an experienced defense attorney can protect your rights.

I am the OWI defense and criminal defense lawyer who protects those rights. I am Cody Farrens, founder of Farrens Law Firm in Sioux City.

For years, I have successfully defended numerous clients whose driver's licenses were under threat after OWI legal problems. I know the many ways that a drunk driving stop can go wrong. I know how police can overstep their boundaries. I know how to expose flaws in the government's case against you. And I know how to get positive results that put this crisis behind you.

Farrens Law Firm — OWI/DUI Defense Representation You Can Trust

Here are just a few of the factors that can mistakenly convince police or state patrol to stop you in traffic and question you about the appearance of drunk driving:

  • Inclement weather
  • Bad roads
  • Engine malfunctions
  • Reckless driving by motorists surrounding you
  • Prescription drugs taken for pre-existing conditions

Beyond these, field sobriety tests can be far too strenuous to complete, even for a sober person. And breath test equipment can malfunction or be defective. You have too many of these factors in your favor to surrender to outcomes such as driver's license suspension or revocation, jail time, substantial fines and confiscation of your motor vehicle.

Give your future a chance. You do not want to be dependent on a bicycle or public transportation to get to your job. The Farrens Law Firm is on your side, beginning with your free initial consultation. Call me today at 866-401-3849, or stay at my website to reach me by email message.