Were You Arrested For A Serious Crime?

A criminal trial in state court is serious business. A number of life-changing punishments could await you if you are convicted. Right now you need the most accomplished, aggressive criminal defense representation you can find in Iowa or Nebraska.

I can be the lawyer who protects your rights throughout the legal process. I am Cody Farrens, founder of the Farrens Law Firm in Sioux City.

I carefully examine your charges for any sign that your Fourth Amendment privacy rights were violated by law enforcement during a drug crimes arrest. I build a credible defense for you if you were arrested for OWI/DUI, theft, a violent crime or sex crime.

In general, you can be assured of comprehensive safeguarding of your interests, start to finish. And the personal service I offer is second to none.

Farrens Law Firm — Criminal Defense Representation You Can Trust

As your attorney, I defend your liberties and livelihood if you are accused of:

  • Drug possession, trafficking, manufacture, importation, intent to deliver, cultivation, smuggling, party drugs or prescription drugs
  • OWI/DUI, when driving privileges are at risk after a stop for suspicion of drunk driving
  • Theft, burglary, breaking and entering, home invasion and shoplifting
  • Violent crimes, including assault, armed robbery, arson and kidnapping

I excel at investigation, negotiations with prosecutors and litigation against them in court. When our working relationship is over, you will know that your interests have been thoroughly defended.

Contact my Farrens Law Firm today to arrange your free initial consultation. Just call 866-401-3849, or stay at this website to communicate with me by email message.