Compassionate Guidance When Your Marriage Is Ending

The decision to divorce not only impacts you and your soon-to-be former spouse — but it also affects children of the relationship, relatives of previous generations and close friends who will view you differently.

In light of the many dimensions of divorce — to say nothing of the legal, financial and emotional ramifications — you must have a family law attorney on your side who shares your goals and protects your rights.

After many years of providing divorcing spouses with representation they can trust, I can safely say that your rights, and your material investments in your marriage, are in capable hands at Farrens Law Firm in Sioux City, Iowa.

I'm Cody Farrens. I always welcome the opportunity to advocate for a divorced or divorcing spouse whose life is at crossroads. I carefully guide you through the legal process while actively advocating for your fair share of child access and marital assets.

My leadership can be as effective with uncontested and contested divorces as it is for litigated, high-asset divorces. I know how to crunch the numbers on what you have coming to you, financially. I know how to negotiate a client's availability for parenting time, to amicably settle any child custody and visitation dispute. I know how to supply my clients with the facts they need about child support and spousal support. Most importantly, I know how to smoothly transition you and your child or children to a safe, serene, brighter future.

Has a sudden, substantial change in circumstance in your life, post-divorce, called for a modification of some provision of your settlement agreement? My law office can help.

You will not find more vigorous, versatile advocacy for your divorce goals than what I offer at Farrens Law Firm. My proven legal skills include the ability to listen, negotiate and litigate with the best of them. I look forward to meeting you and working with you, starting with your free initial consultation.

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You will feel much better about yourself and your situation after discussing your situation with a lawyer who truly cares about your future. Call me today at 866-401-3849, or stay at my website to send an email message.