Personal Attention To Custody and Visitation Issues

Regardless of how contentious divorce discussions can become on matters of marital assets and property division, the real red flag factor during negotiations and litigation of divorces is access to children of a relationship.

If your marriage is ending in western Iowa or eastern Nebraska, if you feel that your voice is not being heard where child custody and visitation issues are concerned, I am glad to supply an even more powerful voice for your child access goals.

I am Cody Farrens, founder of Farrens Law Firm in Sioux City. I have successfully advocated for divorcing spouses' custody and visitation objectives for many years.

I personally relate to your wishes as a family law attorney and as a human being. I work hard to provide representation you can trust when proposing strategies for co-parent availability for parenting time. I deeply value "the best interests of the child" during every quality legal service I deliver for you.

Is A Custody Or Visitation Disagreement Delaying Your Divorce? Farrens Law Firm Can Help

Are you worried that your child or children are being alienated from you as your divorce becomes argumentative?

Are you already divorced and planning to either request or contest a parental relocation that would impact child access obligations, and result in a post-judgment modification?

Are you considering a court-ordered enforcement of custody and visitation responsibilities that have been ignored to this point?

For these and many other questions, you can depend on my Farrens Law Firm for swift action, legal knowledge and personal service, start to finish. Let me hear from you — by phone at 866-401-3849 or by email message from this website. Together, we can guide you to a less stressful future.